A glass of wine contains the synthesis of a story that originated on earth, following the cycles of nature that shape the work of people, traditional knowledge and applied technology. The wines produced by Ribafreixo are proof of this authenticity. The unique flavor and characteristics express the “terroir”, the carefully selected grape varieties, the microclimate of the Vidigueira region and the passion of the entire team. As we defend Portuguese grape varieties as a differentiating factor, which give soul and personality to the wines, we opted essentially for the use of the region's native grape varieties.

In white wines, Antão Vaz is the traditional root base, complemented with Verdelho, Alvarinho, or Arinto and Syria single-variety wines, which give these wines strong variations. The Chenin Blanc variety, being an exception to the rule in our portfolio of national varieties, reveals itself in the terroir of Moinho Branco in a dazzling way.

In terms of reds, the choice falls on Aragonês, Trincadeira, Alicante Bouschet, Tinta Miúda and Touriga Nacional, which give different characteristics. These are wines that breathe individuality with a special taste of Alentejo. Fundamental values ​​when looking for difference and quality.