Ribafreixo Wines is a young and dynamic wine producing company located in the heart of Vidigueira, in the Alentejo region. It was born in 2007 and grew from an Alentejo patchwork that became a unique property, where 28 small plots gave way to 114 hectares of vineyards.

Some of the pre-existing vineyards, which were very old and almost forgotten grape varieties, were recovered and new extensions were planted, with a focus on indigenous grape varieties in the region, all under the watchful eye of the imposing Serra do Mendro.

With a large and well-equipped cellar, Ribafreixo Wines wines are produced in a sustainable way, in total respect for the environment. Also in this building is the Restaurant where Alentejo cuisine is the highlight, always accompanied by the house wines. The doors are open to visitors for tastings, picnics and other wine tourism experiences.

Come and discover our Alentejo at a different pace.


Alentejo at a different pace, where tradition meets innovation. In this unique approach, we preserve and value Vidigueira's wine culture, while exploring new forms of expression.

By rescuing ancient grape varieties and vineyards, we honor the history and ancestral traditions of the region. We bring long-forgotten grapes to life, revealing flavors and aromas that awaken memories of the past. By planting different varieties in younger vineyards, we enrich the diversity of Alentejo wines, providing unique experiences to connoisseurs.

However, we don't stop there. The Alentejo at a different pace also means incorporating the innovation in wine production. We use modern and sustainable techniques to improve the quality and expressiveness of our wines, while respecting the terroir and the environment.

This harmony between tradition and innovation allows our Alentejo to be appreciated in a new dimension. With a contemporary approach, we set a new pace for the region, with engaging wine tourism experiences and surprising pairings with the richest Alentejo cuisine.

We invite everyone to taste Alentejo at a different pace, where we live the traditions of Vidigueira in a dynamic and exciting journey that respects history, but looks to the future with enthusiasm and creativity.

Our history

There are two types of dreamers: those who get lost in daydreams and those who seek to give concrete form to their visions. Mário Faria Pinheiro and Nuno Bicó belong to the second genre. With distinct paths and backgrounds, they converged in an essential nucleus of affinities, which include passion, rigor and strategic capacity applied to the dream of producing exceptional wines.

In 2007, Ribafreixo Wines was born in Vidigueira, an Alentejo region with a great winemaking tradition. And they managed to make reality surpass the best fiction. In just three years, they bought 28 plots of abandoned land, which they transformed into a single, uniform property with an area of ​​114 hectares, linked to the irrigation system of the Alqueva dam. They recovered some of the pre-existing vineyards and planted new extensions, with Portuguese grape varieties, some of which are native to the Vidigueira region.

Herdade do Moinho Branco is located on the main road route in Baixo Alentejo, 500 meters from the village of Vidigueira, framed by a landscape of vineyards and olive trees and delimited by the relief of the Serra do Mendro. In 2012 we opened our new 4,000 square meter wine cellar. An ambitious project that will allow us to produce around 1500,000 bottles of wine per year in a sustainable and qualitative way due to the cutting-edge technology that we have installed for the production of our wines. The modern building that is located between the extensive vineyards of Ribafreixo Wines does not leave anyone indifferent, its size being visible from the main road that connects Évora to Beja – IP2.