As castas do Alentejo: Antão Vaz

The Alentejo grape varieties: Antão Vaz

Alentejo, a land of vast plains and a Mediterranean climate, is the birthplace of one of the region's most emblematic white grape varieties: Antão Vaz.
Originally from the subregion of Vidigueira , in the south of Alentejo, this variety flourishes in schist soils under a mild climate, developing its medium bunches and small berries, uniformly dressed in shades of yellowish green which, upon ripening, turn into a seductive gold. It is one of the most cultivated grape varieties in this region, and its roots are intertwined with the history and winemaking tradition of the Alentejo.

Production Features

This variety exhibits excellent adaptation to the Vidigueira climate, where it thrives to its full potential. Its resistance to adverse conditions, such as drought and diseases, combined with its high production capacity, become essential factors for winemakers' choice. Furthermore, Antão Vaz is known for its late maturation, which allows producers to harvest its bunches with a high sugar content, essential for the production of full-bodied and complex wines.

Sensory Profile

The wines produced with this grape variety have a distinct and captivating personality. On the nose, it presents itself as a true olfactory explosion, displaying a rich diversity of aromas, ranging from citrus and tropical notes, to floral nuances. On the palate, its wines reveal themselves to be full-bodied and with excellent aging potential, making them true oenological treasures.

Pairings and Blends

Antão Vaz's ability and versatility to pair with a variety of dishes is undeniable. The wines produced with this grape variety pair perfectly with white meat, grilled fish, seafood and even poultry dishes, elevating the gastronomic experience.

Often used in blends, together with the Arinto grape variety, Antão Vaz contributes its fruity and dense profile, adding a lot of minerality and freshness to the wines.

This indigenous Alentejo grape variety represents a pillar in the region's winemaking tradition.
Its history, enriched by time, distinct characteristics and unique sensory profile, give it a prominent place in the Portuguese wine scene.
Their wines take us on a journey through the Alentejo plains, where tradition and innovation merge to produce quality wines.

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