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Ribafreixo Wines chosen as Best Wine Tourism Project in the Alentejo

March, 2016



The Alentejo Tourist Board has chosen Ribafreixo Wines as the Best 2015 Wine Tourism Project.

Started in 2014, the project has attracted an increasing  influx of visitors, due not only to its perfect conditions and visual impact – leading Portuguese magazine Jornal Expresso considered our Winery to be among the most beautiful in Portugal – , but also because an increasing number of visitors have begun exploring the Alentejo, and especially the Vidigueira region and what it has to offer.

The core aim of Ribafreixo Wines’ project was to create a wine tourism project to complement their winery project and to integrate it tightly with the touristic potential of the Vidigueira region (e.g., Beja and/or Évora). These were our assumptions when we built and inaugurated our new winery in 2012. its state-of-the-art design features an ample, modern social area which serves multiple purposes (events, business meetings, conferences, etc). This area also comprises a Wine Shop where visitors can purchase our wines at exceptional prices, a Wine Tasting Room, where our wines can be sampled, guided by one of our team of professionals, our panoramic gourmet restaurant serving typical regional food, as well as a guided tour of the winery and the vineyards.

We guarantee our visitors a unique wine and gourmet experience in addition to the valuable knowledge that they may acquire about the world of wines.

If you are not familiar with Ribafreixo Wines yet, make sure to schedule a visit with us: +351 963 559 964 (Anabela Pinheiro) or tours@ribafreixo.com