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Nuno Bicó


Nuno Bicó is a lover of the earth and all that it gives us. Born and raised in Alentejo, more specifically in Serpa, Bicó was used to work the land and live in country from an early age on. But this world was not imposed upon him, it was a world that he enjoyed getting to know and exploring. He discovered very early on that he would be living and working with and in the country. In his adulthood, he completed a degree in Agronomy at UTAD – University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro. His intelligence and dedication earned him employment at a public authority that regulates and promotes agricultural investments, which also allowed him to acquire skills in investment and financing of projects in this industry.
In 2007 Bicó met Mario Pinheiro, and with him woke an old dream of starting their own agricultural project in the Alentejo and acquire quality land where he could work hard and consequently put to practice everything he had learnt. Within a few months, Bicó acquired a set of plots of abandoned land s in order to make them productive.
This land was in Vidigueira, a region with the ideal microclimate and terroir to produce wines, and it is on these 282 acres of planted vineyards that Bicó lives today his childhood dream.

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