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New 2016 Harvest

Ribafreixo Wines prepares to launch its latest harvests of white and rosé wines.
It is already known that Vidigueira is an ideal region to produce white wines due to its specific microclimate and its schist terroir, which, in total harmony, give the wines the minerality and freshness that distinguish them from the others. These are wines with unique characteristics, intrinsic of its origin, that promise to refresh this summer.

Pato Frio, Gáudio, Barrancôa and Connections are the 4 ranges that make up the portfolio of Ribafreixo Wines, in a total of 7 white wines, one rosé, 4 red wines and one fortified, all of them signed by the renowned  winemaker Paulo Laureano. Among the white wines of 2016, we can highlight the entry level of the Pato Frio range – Pato Frio Selecção – a blend of Antão Vaz, Síria and Arinto, the ex libris Pato Frio Antão Vaz (being the Antão Vaz grape indigenous from this region), Gáudio Alvarinho and Gáudio Verdelho, excellent monovarietal wines that surprise by the fabulous adaptation of these grape varieties to the Alentejo terroir and, without deserving many more presentations, the famous Connections Chenin Blanc, the only wine in Portugal made from this variety. Regarding rosé wines the merit goes exclusively to Pato Frio Cashmere 2016, a 100% Touriga Nacional wine that maintains its discreet but pleasant profile, as well as its refined color that today holds a legion of admirers.
It is undoubtedly a very promising harvest of 2016, where wines show more than ever their authenticity and differentiation, obviously maintaining the excellent relation quality vs price.