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Mário Pinheiro


Mário Pinheiro was born in Mozambique and developed his capacity for business and successful projects early on. At the age of 11 he emigrated to South Africa, where he raised a family and ran his own business associated with new technologies that further added team leadership and corporate management skills as an entrepreneur and CEO. He lived in South Africa most of his life and it was there he acquired the wit and cunning that he still holds today in his professional life. In 2004, he decided that his mission in South Africa was complete and decided to live permanently in Portugal with his family, to live a more serene life. His strong personality and his ambitious dreams would not leave him at rest for long though.
The experience that he had brought from several wine-producing countries such as South Africa, France, the United States and Italy, among others, was put to practice in a project in Portugal together with his friend Nuno Bicó, with whom he made his dream of having their own land come true, where he could produce wines of excellence at competitive prices in a region of proven quality.

In 2007 Ribafreixo Wines has born – at the Herdade Moinho Branco in Vidigueira, an Alentejo DOC Sub-Region of exception – by the hand of entrepreneur Mário Pinheiro and agronomist Nuno Bicó. The two form a perfect duo that complements management expertise with technical and operational knowledge.

O Nosso Saber
O cantinho da chef
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O Nosso Saber
O cantinho da chef