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Seguin Moreau visit to our Estate

At Ribafreixo Wines we try to create enduring and top-of-the-line partnerships.

In spite of the very competitive price of our wines, a strategy that we are committed to maintaining, we try to be at the forefront in the incessant demand for quality, more specifically regarding the techniques and materials used beginning with the harvest up to the vinification of our wines. The use of Seguin Moreau’s top French oak barrels is a good example of one of these successful partnerships. These oak barrels are world famous for their quality and their ability to adapt their products to the unique requirements of the most varied producers around the world: from the top producers in Bordeaux to those in Burgundy and even in Napa Valley. Our cellar is no exception. Seguin Moreau products have already been used in our winery now for a few years . In addition to these barrels, we also now acquired 3 x 10 000 oak vats (replacing the existing ones of a lesser quality) where our top-of-the-range red wines will be fermented. By betting on the best, we can reach the levels of quality we so desire and meet the expectations that our partners and customers are now accustomed to.