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A Unique Terroir

The decision for Ribafreixo Wines, headquarters to be located at Vidigueira is based on two reasons. The first one being an emotional one, Vidigueira is where partner Nuno Bicó’s family roots lie, providing him with a deep knowledge of the land, the people and the traditions. The second is that it is the perfect location for a long term investment project as Vidigueira and Herdade do Moinho Branco have unique conditions for wine making.

 Located in the heart of the Alentejo region, the lands surrounding Vidigueira have the perfect microclimate for the perfect vineyards. Bound in the north by the Serra do Mendro mountain range, which creates a natural frontier between the Upper Alentejo and the Lower Alentejo regions, the average annual rainfall here is higher and temperatures more moderate, despite its southerly location. The schist soil too, offers perfect conditions and adds mineral notes to the wine. The Romans made wine here 2 000 years ago and over the last 20 years winemaking has become an important factor in this region, producing wines that are renowned both in Portugal and worldwide for their exceptional quality.

Vidigueira is one of the eight D.O.C. sub regions in the Alentejo. These are wines produced in a controlled region much like the French AOC. The classification is awarded by an official organization CVRA (Alentejo Wine Commission) to establish a quality standard amongst the rich mosaic of regional differences. Alentejo wines are generally full-bodied and smooth. Their numerous subtle nuances are a direct result of the terroirs and different climatic conditions where they are grown. For Ribafreixo Wines, this character outperforms the indispensable state of the art technology; these are wines that express the soil, the grape and the climate, and as such don’t run the risk of ever becoming standardized.

O Nosso Saber
O cantinho da chef
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O Nosso Saber
O cantinho da chef