Winery Restaurant

Our new Winery has a Gourmet Restaurant with traditional Alentejo cuisine managed by our Chef Catarina Parreira.


The Restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:30am to 3:00pm. On  Saturdays it is also open from 7:30pm to 10:00pm. Closed on Mondays.


Email: | Mobile: +351 963 559 964/ +351 284 436 240

Some examples of dishes  that you can taste at our Restaurant:

Appetizers:  Salad of pig ear, salad of codfish tongues, typical Alentejo’s sausages on the grill, Mackerel´escabeche, goat fresh cheese or Serpa cheese , spinach with prawns , Xara’s head, Scrambled eggs with “farinheira”(typical pork sausage), etc.

Soups and “Açordas”: Shark soup, “açorda” bread soup with garlic and codfish ,“açorda” spinach or purslane bread soup with codfish, cheese and eggs,“açorda”tomatoe bread soup with codfish or corvina fish , açorda” tomatoe and fried meat .

Fish dishes: Octopus in the oven , codfish with fresh coriander , roasted codfish in the cabbage , “never enough” codfish , breadcrumbs with codfish , white beans with pumpkin and fried mackerel, codfish cakes with pumpkin in the oven.

Meat dishes: The sheperd`s lamb , roasted lamb in the oven with rosemary , chicken stew from the farm, chicken fricassee from the farm , breadcrumbs with asparagus and meat in the basin, black pig cheeks in red wine , black pig pork loin stuffed with plums from Elvas , pig´s trotters with coriander or tomatoe sauce , partridges stewed in clay pot , duck rice made in an old fashion way, etc.

Desserts: Almond´s Bread, convent cheese, nun´s belly, Sericaia (eggs, milk and sugar) with dried plums from Elvas, chocolate mousse , curd cake , fig cake , etc.


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