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    Chef Bengaló – Cantina LX Restaurant (Lisbon)

    Bengaló’s career began in his youth, when he found out that the art of cooking was what gave him the most pleasure. His roots in the Alentejo region and his enjoyment of regional and traditional instilled in him a sense of what good food means. Eventually Portugal became too small a country for his enthusiasm, and José Bengaló decided to explore the world and to acquire knowledge in a number of different countries. From New York to Denmark, including the unavoidable city of Paris, Bengaló became a true professional who is passionate about Portuguese cuisine, but also always up to par with international gastronomy.

    His hard work eventually led him to work in Paris, but the most significant part of his experience was acqired in renowned restaurants in Portugal, such as Alcântara Café, where he worked as a Head Chef for several years. Apart from that, he was also Executive Chef at the famous TCLub Group, such as the Espelho D’Água, Quinta do Lago and Torre Vasco da Gama restaurants.

    His visionary approach led him to go into catering at a later stage, when this branch of business was not well known yet in Portugal.

    Bengaló has also shared his passion for food in a number of books launched in Portugal (DELICIOSSO- Recipes for healthy bones, PURO CHÈVRE Recipes with goat cheese ) and has contributed actively to the Portuguese health and vegetarina magazine “Revista Saudável e Vegetariana”.

    In 2009, Bengaló decided to open a Portuguese restaurant at the highly renowned LX Factory in Lisbon, called Cantina Lx. The restaurant provides a unique comfort experience where excellent meals are offered!


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"The table is the perfect place for all sorts of situations, all sorts of things happen at the table, people make business deals, they declare themselves to someone beloved, they have a good time with their friends"

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