Our Mission

Founded by partners Mário Pinheiro and Nuno Bicó, this winery project Ribafreixo Wines is based on a 114 hectares estate at Vidigueira, a region with a long-standing wine-making tradition which goes back to the Roman days. Paulo Laureano a renowned winemaker whose “craft of making wine the right way” has been instrumental in our success and growing presence in the market place.

Our mission is to continue producing competitively priced top-quality wines to meet the demands of the domestic and international markets. In a world where Portuguese wines are beginning to be recognized for their distinct and unique cultivars, our main objective is to increase our market share in a diverse and demanding international market, such as the United States, China, Canada and the UK, among others. This hard work combines with our presence in the domestic market, which is a key point in our brand’s communication strategy.

In the ever increasingly competitive universe of wines, we know that we have strong differentiating factors, such as our strategic investment in Portuguese grape varietals . It is these factors that make us view the future as sustainable, a view without which no company can succeed today.

Mário Pinheiro


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